Our mission is to be a resource for all those who dare to make the exodus away from the confines of the current allopathic, disease-care model of medicine toward the preventaive, naturopathic model of health-care. In order to break away from treatment based on symptoms, individuals must recognize and accept their personal responsibility for their current state of health and begin the journey of addressing the true underlying cause of the condition or illness.



At Exodus Herbs, we endeavor to provide you with the most sound, clinically-based solutions for prevention as well as treatment. Treatments are designed to target the cause of disfunction and not simply treat the symptoms. We will be your partner as you strive to reach your health-related goals by supplying you with education and trusted resources.


The process of meaningful change is rarely easy.  It involves daily commitment and inevitable disruption of our normal way of doing things. If we remain true to our goals, however, the short-term disruption will be rewarded by better health and well-being for ourselves and those around us. Efforts to make meaningful, positive change eventually result in a beneficial impact on our selves, our families and eventually our communites.


Exodus Herbs endorses all the necessary steps, however small, to buy and eat ethically and organically raised foods, local when possible; to reuse and recycle, and to live sustainably and ecologically by giving back more and consuming less.