High Blood Pressure can often be managed by lifestyle changes along with using natural products to help lower the pressure and then help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Core Protocol for High Blood Pressure

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  5. Omega 3 Oils Buy Now or Cod liver oil Buy Now
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For more information on how and why to use the products listed above:

BP Support Herbal Formula

BP Support Herbal Formula by Exodus Herbs. Use daily to help lower elevated blood pressure and lessen the frequency of blood pressure spikes. BP Support works by supporting the circulatory system by influencing the mechanisms involved in blood pressure regulation. MUST USE WITH MAGNESIUM CITRATE. [Liquid tincture 1/2 to 1 tsp 3x daily or 3 caps 3x daily]

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium Citrate capsules by Exodus Herbs is critical because adequate amounts of magnesium are critical in regulating blood pressure. Magnesium is crucial for artery elasticity. Our cardiovascular system, digestive system, nervous system, muscles, kidneys, liver, hormone-secreting glands, and brain all rely on magnesium for their metabolic function. Magnesium citrate capsules are the least expensive and well tolerated form of magnesium. However, you can also take Natural Calm by Natural Vitality if you prefer magnesium that you mix in water to make a fizzy drink. If your digestion is sensitive or you are prone to diarrhea, Magnesium Citrate at high doses may cause loose stools, then use Mag Glycinate by Pure Encapsulations. [for more information and dosage recommendations, see: Magnesium, How to Take and Why]

Diuretic Herbal Formula

Diuretic Herbal Formula by Exodus Herbs contains herbs effective in eliminating excess fluid from the body. Use when excess water (edema) is an issue until the use of sea salt and minerals helps to get the body's fluid balance in check. [Liquid tincture 1/2 to 1 tsp 3x daily or 3 caps 3x daily]

Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic Sea Salt by Exodus Herbs. Sea salt (unrefined salt in its natural form) is not table salt (refined sodium chloride)! While eating a high refined salt (table salt) diet may show a very slight tendency to raise blood pressure, low refined salt diets increase risk of heart attack by 400%! Low salt diets are not good for your health! However, don't just start using more table salt, because specifically adding sea salt with its 80 other minerals to your diet may dramatically lower blood pressure. US government research shows that “inadequate mineral intake is the dietary pattern that is the best predictor of elevated blood pressure”

Omega 3 Oils

Omega 3 Oils (DHA and EPA) or Cod Liver Oil by Nordic naturals have been shown to reduce the overall risk of cardiovascular disease, including lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides, decrease inflammation in arteries responsible for plaque buildup, and make arteries more elastic (less hard). Cod Liver Oil has the additional benefit of combining the Omega 3 oils with Vitamin A and Vitamin D! Capsules and liquid are available, take 1 tsp - 1 TBL daily.

Vitamin D capsules

Vitamin D capsules by Pure Encapsulations. Insufficiency is associated with an increase in artery stiffness (hardening of the arteries)and high blood pressure. Vit D deficiency is also linked to insulin resistance which is a major factor in high blood pressure. Vit D deficiency has been found in people with a wide range of disease processes, with in excess of 40% of the US population being deficient. However, research now leads us to believe that the RDA recommendations to prevent rickets is not nearly enough Vit D to optimize health and prevent many diseases.

[Vit D, 1000 - 5,000 iu/day] If you prefer, Vitamin D-Mulsion by Genestra is a liquid D supplement.

Energy Boost Liquid Fulvic Minerals

Energy Boost Liquid Fulvic Minerals by MorningStar Minerals is a concentrated, all natural plant based source of over 70 ionic minerals. Proper mineral levels are necessary for the body to have and maintain normal blood pressure. Fulvic minerals also support the body’s natural defenses, immune system, and promote energy. [1/2 to 1 oz daily]


Lifestyle factors are critical, including exercise, proper sleep, eating less processed foods, meditation, managing stress levels etc.

If Stress, anxiety or insomnia play a role, see Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia in shop by Health Conditions on this website.

[See What Dose of Herbal Medicine do I take and how much do I need to buy? and to help choose between liquid herbal tinctures or herbal capsules, see When should I use Liquid herbal tinctures or herbal capsules and what's the difference?]

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