Big Box or Exodus

There are several good reasons for buying from Exodus Herbs rather than from a nutraceutical company, big box store or corporate retail outlet.

First of all, the big box stores and corporate retail outlets have been proven more than once to sell bottles of products that do not contain the actual herbs listed on the label. We all know that they fiercely compete to offer the lowest price product, banking on the idea that the consumer simply assumes that all herbal supplements are the same. With profit as their main motive, can one ever completely trust the quality of their herbal products?

Nutraceuticals companies are also caught up in a similar low price / profit rat race at the expense of quality. Most vitamins, minerals, amino acids, no matter which brand is on the label, can ultimately be sourced back to one of only several manufacturers that make tons of powdered nutraceutical ingredients. When herbal medicine is squeezed into this model, you get a much more processed, rarely organic, isolated component, pharmaceutical product. Not much similarity is left in these products to true herbal plant medicine.

As a small herbal medicine manufacturing company, we can take the time to source organic herbs from smaller distributors, often from the grower themselves. We use pure organic herbal powders and put them into capsules. Exodus Herbs also uses organic cut herbs and slowly extracts them with organic alcohol and water to make strong herbal tinctures. The result is extremely effective, organic, pure herbal plant medicine, not an over-the-counter pharmaceutical drug-like product. If an herb we use is not grown organically, we buy ethically wild crafted (gathered in the wild) herbs.

We use only organic non-GMO grain alcohol in our liquid herbal tinctures. One would hope that most of the pesticides would be gone from the conventional alcohol after the distillation process, however, if there is a possibility of adverse health effects when alcohol is made from conventional, GMO, pesticide ridden grain, using organic grain seems best. The bottom line is we believe in supporting organic farmers and farming practices, not just for our health but the health of the planet. Even though organic alcohol costs more, we choose not to take any chances in this area.

Exodus Herb’s mission is to provide the information and herbal products on our website that make high quality plant medicine available to the general public that are not herbalists themselves. We make herbal formulas targeting specific conditions and provide education on many specific conditions, listing which products are proven to work best.

Unlike most other herbal medicine companies, our formulas were designed by practicing doctors, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, and medical doctors, that use the herbal formulas in their own practice with their patients. The formulas have evolved based on clinical observations as to what is really effective. These herbal formulations are real world medicine, not laboratory concoctions.

Despite the focus on always maintaining the highest quality product, we still manage to offer our products at competitive prices, often lower than other herbal companies.