Asthma is characterized by chronic inflammation of the airways, spasms of the muscles in the airway wall, and increased mucus in the airway, all resulting in narrowing of the airways of the lungs. Almost 10% of all Americans suffer from Asthma, and the CDC states that there has been a 12% increase over the last decade.

Dr. Nelson’s Core Protocol for Asthma

  1. Asthma Aid Herbal Formula Buy Now
  2. Acute Asthma Herbal Formula Buy Now
  3. Asthma Tea Buy Now
  4. Anti-­Inflammatory Herbal Formula Buy Now
  5. Omega 3 Oils or Cod liver oil Buy Now
  6. Vitamin D Buy Now
  7. Probiotic Buy Now
  8. Larix (prebiotic) Buy Now

For more information on why and how to use the products listed above:

Asthma Aid Herbal Formula

Asthma Aid Herbal Formula by Exodus Herbs. Use daily to to lessen the frequency and reduce the intensity of asthma attacks, and may prevent them altogether. Asthma Aid enhances broncho­dilation, normalizes mucous production and lessens chest constriction. [Liquid tincture 1/2 to 1 tsp 3x daily or 3 caps 3x daily]

Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Formula

Anti-­Inflammatory Herbal Formula by Exodus Herbs. Use to address the inflammatory component of the asthmatic airways. This formula is a combination of anti-­inflammatories, analgesics, and circulatory stimulants, including Boswellia, Ginger, Curcumin, White willow and Bromelain. Boswellia and Ginger have been shown to decrease Asthma symptoms and frequency of attacks. [Liquid tincture 1/2 to 1 tsp 3x daily or 3 caps 3x daily]

Acute Asthma Herbal Formula

Acute Asthma Herbal Formula by Exodus Herbs. Use this powerful formula at the onset of an asthma attack, and preventatively when attacks have been more frequent. [1 tsp 3-8x daily depending on the severity of symptoms]

Asthma Herbal Tea

Asthma Herbal Tea by Exodus Herbs. Use this medicinal tea preventatively to sip on herbal medicine throughout the day between doses of herbal tinctures or capsules.

Omega 3 Oils

Omega 3 Oils (DHA and EPA) or (Cod Liver Oil) by Nordic naturals have been shown to reduce the occurrence of asthma symptoms and lessen the likelihood of newborns to have asthma when used by expectant mothers. Cod Liver Oil has the additional benefit of combining the Omega 3 oils with Vitamin A and Vitamin D! Capsules and liquid are available.  [1 - 2 caps ules daily or 1 tsp ­ 1 TBL daily]

Vitamin D

Vitamin D by Pure Encapsulations. Insufficiency has been shown to produce a 50% increase in severe asthma attacks in children according to a Reuters report, and Vitamin D deficiency is present in up to 85% of asthmatic children. Vitamin D directly interacts with the cells that are responsible for fighting infection. Vit D deficiency has been found in people with a wide range of disease processes, with in excess of 40% of the US population being deficient. However, research now leads us to believe that the RDA recommendations to prevent rickets is not nearly enough Vit D to optimize health and prevent many diseases. [Vit D, 1000 ­- 5,000 iu/day]


Probiotic by Klaire Labs is an excellent probiotic. Probiotics are critical for a healthy immune system, and use of probiotics are shown to reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma. Allergies for many people are a cause or trigger of their asthma.


Larix, (arabinogalactan) by Eclectic Institute,  from the Larch tree, is a prebiotic fiber that feeds the healthy gut bacteria and and has been found to give a powerful boost to the immune system and improves the chances of fighting off a variety of viral infections. [1500 - 2000 mg/day] Especially important to take with your probiotic if you have had antibiotics and / or do not consume fermented foods daily.

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