Allergies can be divided into two main categories: environmental allergies and food allergies.

Addressing food allergies can be as simple as eliminating foods that you know you are sensitive to. However, many people do not know which foods are a trigger. In that case, seeing a naturopathic doctor to test for food allergies is the best solution.

Environmental allergies, pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, and others may also be addressed by removing the offending allergen, however that is often not possible. The following are natural products to help relieve the symptoms of allergies.

Dr. Nelson’s Core Protocol for Allergies

  1. AllergyFree Buy Now
  2. Grapeseed Combo Formula Buy Now
  3. Quercetin  Buy Now
  4. Omega-3 Fish Oil or Cod liver oil Buy Now
  5. Vitamin D Buy Now
  6. Probiotic Buy Now
  7. Larix, (prebiotic) Buy Now

*These should be part of almost everyone’s daily prevention and health protocol anyway, helping Allergies is just one of many benefits.

More information on why and how to use the above listed products:

AllergyFree Herbal Formula

AllergyFree is designed to calm the over-sensitive immune system, ease symptoms of the allergic reaction and will soothe and improve the mucous membranes. [1/2 to 1 tsp or 3 capsules daily, and increase dose during active symptoms.]

Grapeseed Combo Formula

Grapeseed Combol Formula by Exodus Herbs is a combination of grapeseed extract, quercetin, bromelain and acerola, used to address the inflammatory and histamine response component of the allergic reaction. [1 - 3 caps 3x daily, and increase dose during active symptoms.]

Quercetin /Flavonoid

Quercetin /Flavonoid by Exodus Herbs has been shown to decrease Allergy symptom intensity and frequency. Quercetin is an antioxidant and acts as an anti-histamine, blocking one pathway of the allergic over-response of the immune system. Quercetin is one of the main ingredients in the above mentioned Grapeseed Combo. [1 - 3 caps 3x daily, and increase dose during active symptoms.]

Omega 3 Oils

Omega 3 Oils (DHA and EPA) or Cod Liver Oil by Nordic Naturals has been shown to reduce the occurrence of allergy symptoms and lessen the likelihood of newborns to have allergies when used by expectant mothers. Cod Liver Oil has the additional benefit of combining the Omega 3 oils with Vitamin A and Vitamin D! [Simply follow dose recommendations on the bottle label.]

Vitamin D

Vitamin D by Pure Encapsulations. Vit D deficiency has been shown to increase likelihood and severity of allergies. [Vit D, 1000 - 5,000 iu/day]


Probiotic by Klaire Labs is a probiotic to help keep the gut bacteria healthy, which is vital to a strong immune system, since most of the immune system originates in the gut. Probiotics are critical especially if you have taken antibiotics. The best diet source of probiotic is naturally fermented foods eaten in small quantity at each meal, such as real unpasteurized sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables, kimchi, kefir (preferably from pasture raised, raw milk), and kombucha. [simply follow the dose recommendations on the label]


Larix, by Eclectic Institute, arabinogalactan from the Larch tree, is a prebiotic fiber that feeds the healthy gut bacteria and and has been found to give a powerful boost to the immune system and improves the chances of fighting off a variety of viral infections. [1500 - 2000 mg/day] Especially important to take with your probiotic if you have had antibiotics and / or do not consume fermented foods daily.

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