Exodus Herbs has been a leading producer of herbal medicines since 1995. We offer one of the most extensive inventories of single herb tinctures and herbal formulas available anywhere, along with a comprehensive range of herbal capsules, medicinal teas and complementary products.

We are passionate herbalists whose goal is to spread the word about the healing use of plant medicine. For years, we produced Exodus products exclusively for practitioners such as naturopathic doctors, chiropractors and herbalists. To empower you to make well-informed choices about your family’s health, we now make high quality herbal medicines available to the general public, along with detailed and up-to-date education on natural healing methods and herbal approaches to health conditions.

bend-naturopath-herbs3.pngOur Organic Sources
We take the time to source organic herbs from reputable and trustworthy distributors, often purchasing directly from growers themselves. If an herb we use is not grown organically, we source ethically wild-crafted herbs from companies of the highest integrity. We use organic, non-GMO alcohol to prepare our liquid herbal tinctures, which are steeped for 8-10 weeks to fully extract the herbs’ active constituents. The result: extremely effective, organic, pure herbal plant medicine that supports organic farmers and farming practices – and promotes your health as it honors the health of the planet.

Our Formulas
Our proprietary formulas were developed over many years of testing and experience by renowned herbalists with input from practicing doctors, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors and other practitioners. Because herbal medicine science is an evolving field, new discoveries and clinical information continually inform and improve our formulas.

Our History
Exodus Herbs was founded in New Mexico in 1995. Named Materia Medica by its founders, renowned Santa Fe herbalists Dr. Tieraona Low Dog and Tony Carter, the company supplied herbal medicines to practitioners in the Albuquerque integrative medical clinic of which it was a part.

Many of the formulas developed by Dr. Low Dog and Carter during this time remain among our most well-loved and popular formulas to this day. Goldenbiotic, SinusAid, LiverTone, Women’s Change (Early and Late formulas) and BronchoClear are just a few of their formulas that remain foundational to our product offering.

Among the professionals supplied by Materia Medica was chiropractor Dr. Chris Nelson, a visionary who would lead Exodus Herbs into the 21st century. Inspired by his good fortune to work with two of the world’s most respected herbalists, he began using targeted herbal medicines to treat his patients and family members. As he observed and experienced the benefits, he became a passionate believer in the healing power of herbal medicines.

Dr. Nelson purchased the company from its founders in 1999. In 2004, he moved the business to the bucolic North Fork of Long Island, where he would continue to develop the company’s offerings in collaboration with naturopathic physician Ashley Lewin. Drs. Nelson and Lewin renamed the company Exodus to express the transformative freedom they found in herbal medicine: breaking free from the shackles of conventional disease-care and journeying to the freedom of self-reliance, guiding one’s own health, well-being and healing.

Dr. Lewin brought more than 20 years of clinical experience with herbal healing to her role with Exodus Herbs. Under her leadership, many of Dr. Low Dog and Carter’s original formulas evolved to reflect breakthroughs in plant medicines. Guided by Dr. Lewin’s expertise, Exodus Herbs developed new proprietary formulas to address a broader range of health conditions, nearly doubling the amount of formulas offered. Key formulas developed by Dr. Lewin include Lyme Purge, Anti-Inflammatory, StressLess Adrenal, Anti-Viral, Dr. Lewin’s Cold Sore and Herpes Formula, Lymph Drainage and Parasite Clear.

Our Future
At Exodus Herbs, we honor Dr. Low Dog, Dr. Carter and Dr. Lewin’s shared vision of natural, complementary medicine as we move our company into the future.

We continue to collaborate with the team of Naturopathic physicians at Long Island’s Naturopathic Wellness Center (NWC), the practice founded by Dr. Lewin. Among the newest formulas introduced in partnership with NWC are a complete selection of Lyme Disease herbs, a reformulation of StressLess/Adrenal and a new StressLess formula, StressLess/Adrenal BP, developed for individuals with high blood pressure.

We are blessed to support the wellness of our customers with our herbal preparations. With you in mind, we continually develop new products to address relevant health concerns, as we take advantage of evolving science and new discoveries to improve existing formulas. Thank you for allowing us to serve you in your quest for better health.

We are always interested in your feedback; you can reach me directly at Chris@exodusherbs.com.